A Look Back

By Jean Stack

This community began in 1970. We (my husband and I) arrived in 1976, so I can only speak from that time forward. But, I thought it would be interesting for our new neighbors to see a few pictures from the past. The beach area has changed a great deal over the years with the help of some of the families that have been here a long time.

In this first picture from 1976, you’re looking at the beach area which is much lower than today, and the first docks that I can remember. Notice there are no boats on the dock and only a couple on moorings. The beach isn’t much to look at either at this point. There weren’t many families in the community at this time, probably around 15.

This picture is from the beach looking to your right where the town beach can be seen in the background. There was a “sun platform” out over some rocks and a wooden raft in the water where our yellow one is today. The platform, of course, is no longer there.

The third picture is looking through the tennis court with the old fence made up of a type of wire and logs. Notice the “gray” surface on the court as well. Today, there is a much stronger fence and treated surface.

This is another view of the beach area from the tennis court looking to the right with the swing set in the bottom right and town beach in the background. Today, we have a new play area, volleyball and basketball area. Much of the equipment you use to play volleyball and basketball was donated by one of our members.

This is a view from the water in 1980 showing how we were losing the beach area to erosion. This happened every year, some worse than others.


In 1982 we decided to try to “save the beach.”  It seemed like we had to bring more and more sand in every year.  We thought by creating a rock wall we wouldn’t lose as much of the beach.  So, the “women” all pitched in and took the rocks from the water and began to build a rock wall.  Later, a company was hired to complete the wall.  It worked!  We don’t have to replace the sand nearly as often as we did.  You can also see the plastic gallon jugs that once separated the swim area from the pipe docks (an upgrade from the first docks shown, but they had to be taken in and out each season).

Look at all the rocks!  Before the pylon breakwater there was a very rocky bottom to our swimming area.  By this time (1982) our daughter was about four years old, and she is seen here on the right playing with another little girl in the water.  They didn’t seem to mind all the rocks.  In fact many people preferred the town beach to our beach because of all the rocks.  The sand that we put in every year used to wash away to our neighbor’s to the right.  They had a wonderful sandy bottom!  The breakwater took care of the rock problem.  However, it was not easy convincing the state we needed one, and they wouldn’t let us put in a rock breakwater, therefore the pylons.

This is a view from the water in 1984.  It shows the result of our attempt at a rock wall.  It did help.

In 1984 our pipe docks were getting a little more crowded.  Although at this time, some families had two dock spaces just to fill them up!   The ”pipes” that held the dock in place were not very good for the boats.  The bolts that held them together, stuck out toward the boats!  If you look closely, you can see bumper material tying to cover the bolts. Thank goodness people were willing to put up the money for the permanent docks of today!

This is a view of the docks and moorings in 1987.  Notice how many moorings we had until the state told us to cut down the number.  If it wasn’t for some of our members pleading with the state, we wouldn’t have any moorings today!

This is a close up of one of the “fingers” of the pipe docks.  If you look closely, you can see the bolts sticking out.  The boys are Joe and John Byrns with their first boat.  In the background you can see boats and canoes on the ground.  Shortly after this, a number of residents got together to build the boat racks and picnic tables that we have today.  We could use some new ones, anyone up for it?

Does anyone else have some pictures to “look back” on?  If so, please submit them to for the web site.  I hope you enjoyed this little “look back”.

Below is shown a copy of the original sales brochure for the West Point Development. I apologize for the condition of the scan but my copy was in poor condition. (Joe Byrns)