Board Notes – 2010


September 4th 8:30 AM

@ Bob Simler’s


Meeting called to order at 8:33am
Board present: Simler, Byrns, Norwell, Gasbarro MacInnis, Dauwalter, Rosenblatt, Whittemore and Gentile.

Review of Financials:

  • Review of August 31, 2010 Financial statements
  • Dewey to send out Mooring assessment invoices –Bob S. had printed bills for the mooring assessment, provided them to Dewey, Tony G. & Lou W. and will mail them to the other mooring holders
  • Review of dock and Mooring fees versus expenses


  • Tony discussed recent mooring repair (Szweda)

Board organization:

  • Bob S. presented proposed changes to the roles and responsibilities of the WP Board Members
  • Suggested changes to the Board Members’ responsibilities include:
    • Dewey to split Treasurer’s duties with Bruce Norwell
    • Bruce initiates role of Asst. Treasurer.
      • Clear definition of the roles between Bruce and Dewey
      • Viewed as a transition period whereby Bruce would eventually take over Treasurer role
    • Bob M. suggested using an online service for accounting/financials, online billing and payment. Will identify potential services to use.
    • Sheila to assume responsibilities for Shed, Racks, Signs, Toilets and Playground
    • Lou will assume responsibility for the roads.
    • Tony will assume responsibility for the Docks in addition to the Mooring responsibility he now has


  • Joe mentioned that we will go to the winter schedule for trash pick-up starting next week
  • Joe to post updated roles and responsibilities to the website
  • Stephen to send email to WP email members with notice of new Board roles
  • Stephen mentioned to Joe that it’s ok to post the 8/7/10 Annual Meeting minutes (unapproved)


Meeting closure

Tony G. made motion to adjourn. Bob M. – 2nd motion. Adjourned at 10:02am



August 7, 2010 WP POST-Annual Meeting Board Meeting

Meeting started: 11:40am
Board present: Simler, Byrns, Gentile, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Rosenblatt and Norwell.
Absent: Gasbarro, Whittemore

  1. Welcome Bruce Norwell to the BOD.
  2. Finalized mooring assessment plan. Will send out in August. 60 days to pay $250. Next year, mooring fee goes to $200.
  3. Roads –
    1. Culvert at Woodrin road needs to be replaced. $800 estimate. Asphalt will need to be replaced. $600 replacement. Board agrees to have this fixed.
    2. Road wear has more large rocks showing. Will have Scott Fuller investigate fixes and provide estimates. Board agrees to have this looked at.
    3. Washouts at the top of the road need attention. Anselmo culvert may need replacing. Sheila to talk to Fuller about culvert replacements and wash-out fixes.

Sheila was asked by a WP member to look into the area in front of mailboxes. Apparently the area gets muddy. Board agreed not to pursue the issue.

  1. All Board members agree to keep the current positions. Bruce to assume John’s responsibilities.
  2. Stephen suggested that we send John Foley a gift card and thank you note for years of service to West Point Board. Board agreed. Stephen to take care of it.


Meeting adjourned: Bob M motion to close 12:10pm. Sheila R.2nd the meeting.



August 7, 2010 WP Pre-Annual Meeting Board Meeting

Meeting started: 9:35am

Board present: Simler, Byrns, Foley, Gentile, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Gasbarro, and Rosenblatt.
Absent: Whittemore

  1. Beacon Insurance no longer will be covering our type of insurance policy. They will suggest a move to Hannover Insurance which we can evaluate. Decisions on new insurance to be done soon.
  2. Mooring fund currently in the red due to chain replacements and repair. Dive Winnipesaukee has communicated the completion of the repair plan for next year.
    Motion: Motion to increase the mooring fee to $200 per mooring user starting in 2010 and assign an assessment of $250 per mooring user with a 60 day payment term to cover the current $1,500 shortfall, Sheila R. 2nd motion. 8 yes. 1 absent. Dewey to send out within the next week
  3. Roads:
    1. Collapsed pipe at the bottom of Woodrin Rd needs repair
    2. Other areas of road need repair from wash-out
    3. Will discuss with WP membership at Annual Meeting (later today)

Meeting adjourned: Tony G. motion to close 9:57am. Sheila 2nd the meeting.




July 24th 8:30 AM

@ Simler’s


Meeting called to order at 8:33am
Board present: Simler, Byrns, Foley, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Rosenblatt, Whittemore and Gentile.

Review financials and budget status – All

Good financial condition, review of balance sheet, P&L

Review of annual dues collected and owed

Discussed preparation of financials for Annual Meeting


Update on Roads – Sheila
Received and paid invoices from Scott Fuller

There are a couple of areas in the road that need to be repaired (washout area, dip in road) – Sheila to ask Scott Fuller for ideas on repair and estimate.

Culvert area on West Point Rd near beach parking lot needs clean-out in the Fall.


Mooring Expenses and Recovery Plan- Bob S

Need to clarify how much add’l work is required to complete the chain/leash line replacements. Estimating $2,000 of add’l work. Tony to get estimate from Dive Winnipesaukee.

Special Assessment for current mooring users was discussed.

Will settle issue once we have a clear handle on repair costs for next year.


Pavilion Account/Amount/Plan- Bob S

Discussed moving forward with Pavilion plan. Reviewed 2009 Annual Meeting minutes – general consensus at that time was very positive.

Will be discussed further at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Discussed transferring funds into a newly established Pavilion Fund.

No monies will be spent without consensus of the WP membership.


Misc Items

John F. to look into getting new “1 Hour Time Limit” signs for end of the dock

Donnybrook Services work on beach (loam, seeding around tennis court) has been put on hold until fall or next spring.

Lou W. asked Bob M. about Donnybrook scope of services at the beach. Concerned that add’l weed wacking is required around the boat racks, shed and port-o-pottys. Bob M. to review with Don.


Annual Meeting Subjects- All

Approval of 2009 Annual Meeting minutes, Financials, Pavilion, Roads, Moorings, Culverts


Individual Board Member concerns- All

Tony – ensure proper use of moorings that may not be occupied by current user.

Stephen to send updated email notice to WP membership for Annual Meeting proxy votes.

Joe B. – agreed we need to start locking the tennis court. Non-member use reported a few times over the last few weeks.  This represents a liability for the Association.


Meeting closure

Bob M. motion to adjourn. Sheila R. – 2nd motion. Adjourned at 9:48am




May 29, 8:30 AM

Shelia Rosenblatt’s home

Meeting called to order at 8:35am

Board present: Simler, Byrns, Foley, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Gasbarro, Rosenblatt, Whittemore and Gentile.

Review financials and budget status

  • Good financial condition, review of balance sheet, P&L
  • Review of annual dues collected and owed
  • Lien applied on DeCourcey property – Bob S. sent letter/copy of lien. No response to date.
  • All funds collected from homeowners for private culvert work.


Update on roads and costs- Shelia

  • Jim Salerno, new owner of cottage rentals at the end of WP road questioned the source of water flowing under his garage during the winter. We determined that this isn’t a WP Assoc. issue since his property and the one directly across the road are not part of the Association.
  • Overall road condition is excellent. Scott Fuller continues to do a great job. Still owes us invoice from latest road work.


2010 beach plans/costs, scope of work for Don Muscavitz- Bob M.

  • Overall condition very good.
  • Wash-out problems appear to have been taken care of with last year’s work.
  • Idea of beach pavilion still being considered. Not financially possible at this time.
  • Agreed to setup a separate Pavilion account to begin multi-year plan.


Mooring equipment replacement- Tony

  • Half of the mooring field chains have been replaced. Stainless steel chains were used to replace the old mooring chains; while these are more expensive they will last much longer and be more secure. Remainder of chains will get done next Spring.
  • Tony to put mooring repair person’s contact info on the beach shed door in case anyone needs to reach them during the season.


Docks/Boat-kayak area- All

  • Question raised about having enough boat racks. Additionally, there are a number of boats/kayaks that haven’t been moved in a long time.
  • Some add’l dock repair (joist hangers) needs to get done. Lou on it


Individual Board member concerns- All

  • Shed clean-up
  • Second dumpster in. Both dumpsters picked up once a week until June/end. Then we’ll go to twice a week for the rest of the summer.
  • Replace some of the electrical outlet covers on the dock – Lou W. will take care of this.
  • Stephen, Dewey, John are up for re-election
  • Stephen to send Annual Meeting notification with proxy vote ballot.

Meeting closure:

Bob M. motion to adjourn. Lou W. – 2nd motion. Adjourned at 9:35am