Board Notes – 2011

West Point BOD Meeting


8:00 AM/Simler’s


Meeting called to order at 8:07am
Board members present: Simler, Byrns, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Gasbarro, Whittemore, Norwell and Gentile.

Review current financials—Bruce N.

Bruce reviewed current financials as of 10/7/11. Association is in good financial standing.


Review/revise proposed budget—Bob S.

Reviewed all significant expense categories (Beach, Docks, Moorings, Operations, Roads) for FY2012


Bob M. – proposed addition of (2) beach grills. All agreed.


Lou W. Beach parking lot and pathway to the beach will be completed in the spring.


Discussion of repairs to the basketball surface. Lou and Bob M. to get a quote to repair the surface.


Discussed overall condition of the tennis court. Agreed that it doesn’t need immediate attention but it’s something to look it long term. Plan to have court surface power washed in the spring.


Current budget shows a shortfall of approximately $1,616 (not including any repairs to the basketball court since we don’t have an estimate yet).


Establish fee schedules for FY 2011-2012—Bob S.

In light of the fact that annual dues has been the same for the past 3 years, and with anticipated expenses required to maintain roads, beach park lot, beach walkway, etc., the board agreed that it was time to implement an increase to not only cover the expected shortfall but to have a small cushion in the account.


After discussion, Bob M. made a motion to increase annual dues to $460. Joe B. 2nd the motion. All in favor.


Once the meeting minutes have been approved by the board, all agreed that Stephen would communicate to the WP membership via email regarding annual dues increase.


Pads for playground—Bob M.

Bob M. to provide wooden steps for the trolley.


Grille(s) for beach—Bob M.

Under budget discussion, all agreed to purchase (2) park-style grills.


No Diving sign for swim raft—Bob S.

Bob S. has stickers for the swim raft. Will be applied when swim raft comes out of the water for the winter.


Additional subjects from Board Members—All

Stephen communicated that he has received a nomination for election to the board of members. Sandy Aiello has been nominated for a board position for the election to be held on Saturday, August 4, 2012.


Meeting closure:

Lou W. motion to adjourn. Tony G. – 2nd motion. Adjourned at 9:34am



August 6, 2011 WP POST-Annual Meeting Board Meeting

Meeting started: 11:20am
Board present: Simler, Byrns, Gentile, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Rosenblatt, Norwell, Gasbarro, Whittemore

Congratulations to Byrns, MacInnis and Whittemore elected for (3) years.

Bob S. proposed that we do not change current list of officers and board responsibilities. Proposal accepted.


Bob S. suggested that we look into getting launching/landing pads for trolley in the playground (per Jack Fletcher’s suggestions at the Annual meeting)

Tony made motion to donate $50 for Center Harbor Soup Kitchen., 2nd by Sheila. Approved.


Bob M. to look into “park grills” for the beach. One for each side of the beach.


Discussed replacing the beach shed. Possible 12×16, adding 92 sq ft. Bob S. will look into permit requirements. Lou agreed to look into shed costs.

Sheila to get playground cleaned up including getting Lakes Region to come and clean up the exposed pipes.

Bruce would like to see a “No Diving” sign added to the swim platform because very shallow water there makes diving dangerous. Bob S. to look into this.

Motion to close meeting by Tony; Bruce N. 2nd the motion: Meeting adjourned at 11:55pm.



WPLI Board Meeting

July 16, 8:30 AM

Simler’s Porch


Meeting called to order at 8:35am

Board present: Simler, Byrns, MacInnis, Gasbarro, Rosenblatt, Whittemore, Norwell and Gentile. Absent: Dauwalter.

  • Review current Financials – Bruce
    • Review of balance sheet, budget and expenses.
    • Road expenses slightly higher than budgeted.
    • Dive Winni invoice not received yet.
    • Review of WP Member Dues still owed.
      • Frazier owes $440 (2011 dues + late fees), yet renting home.
  • Bob M. – Electrical repairs required on docks.
    • Repair costs within budget for this electrical repair.
    • Looking into cost to replace electrical box on pole.


  • Review current road and culvert restoration plans – Lou
    • Murphy has completed road work on Tall Pine and Woodrin.
      • Some members expressed concern over the prior culvert/road work.
    • Bryant paving coming to repair the depressed culvert.
    • Lou and Stephen met with Scott Fuller and Donna Kaworski to discuss future lower road work and estimated expenses.


  • Review Mooring usage –Tony
    • No issues.


  • Review future Dock repair plans –Tony
    • Small amount of work left to complete (<$400)
    • Tony investigated replacement (floating) docks – $20k range.
  • Playground – Sheila
    • Water/electrical conduit pipe needs to be buried underground.
    • Will contact Lakes Water Region to fix.
  • Establish agenda for Annual Meeting –Bob S.
    • Review of agenda, issues, and documents required.


  • Any additional Board member items — All
    • Stephen brought up the issue of noise ordinances for Association. The Association uses the town noise ordinance guidelines.
  • Basketball court
    • Stephen brought up the issue of the court needing repairs.
    • Bob M. and Lou W. to investigate for necessary future repairs.


Meeting closure:

Sheila made motion to adjourn. Bob M., 2nd motion. Adjourned at 10:06am





May 28th 8:00 AM


Meeting called to order at 8:05am

Board present: Simler, Byrns, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Gasbarro, Rosenblatt, Whittemore, Norwell and Gentile.

Review financials and budget status—Bruce Norwell

Update on current budget, balance sheet and association dues. Discussion on handling of late fees. Bruce to send invoices for outstanding dues and late fees. No opposition to this decision.


Repair of roof over mailboxes & surrounding dead trees—Bob Simler

Association owns the structure over the mailboxes. Bob S. put temporary repair over the winter. Bob S. and Joe B. will repair this.


Possibly need to take some large leaning trees. Will survey during beach clean-up.


Condition of docks and possible need for repair—Tony

Water bubblers – Tony and Bob M. are investigating potential electrical problems. Will get electrician’s quotes and discuss. New bubbler purchased and one existing bubbler repaired this past winter. Add’l bubblers may need repair.


We should better define the scope of work and specific fees for whoever we hire to manage the bubblers over the winter.


Overall condition of docks is a concern. Regular maintenance plan required. Bob S. suggested to put together a Dock Subcommittee to take a long term approach to repair/replace/maintenance. Bob S. made the motion, Tony seconded the motion. All in favor.


Mooring repair program—Tony

Bill McKay’s mooring ball was lost last year. Dive Winni replaced the ball. Bill MacKay will install this. Tony received mooring ball decals from the state.


Play equipment re-installation by Mason—Sheila R.

Sheila talked to Lakes Region Water. Permit for the new pump rec’d. Waiting for “connection report” to get signed. Sheila was told that final installation will be completed in 2 weeks. Lakes Region will replace play equipment. We are responsible for providing a cover over the pumps above ground. Bob M. father in-law may be able assist in construction.


Roads Update – Lou W.

  • Lower road work completed by Scott Fuller under the direction of Donna Karwoski. Total bill is $8,684 of which WP Association owns half the obligation. In prior years, WP Assoc. portion of the bills for lower road work was:
    • 2008 Randy Brown – $2,500 for lower road total
    • 2009 Scott Fuller – $2,350 for lower road total
    • 2010 Scott Fuller – 3,600 for lower road total
  • Lou to talk to Donna K. about current bill.
  • Lou to send email to Donna K. stating that all future Spring lower road work is expected not to exceed $2,000.


  • Natural speed bump in paved portion of Woodrin Rd where paving was done last fall discussed. Lou to discuss with Donna K and/or Scott Fuller.
  • Plans for Woodrin & Tall Pine roads
    • Lou presented options and quotes from (3) contractors for upper road work
    • Bob S. motion to approve up to $6,000 for upper road maintenance and repair. Joe B. seconded the motion
    • Lou will select contractor and have the work started.


Pavilion Account additional funds or just plan a new bigger shed—Bob S.

Reminder that $2,000 is currently in the account. No further decision on pavilion or shed at this time.


Meeting closure:

Bob M. motion to adjourn. Bob S. – 2nd motion. Adjourned at 9:55am