Board Notes – 2014

West Point BOD Meeting


8:30 AM/Simler’s


Meeting called to order at 8:30am
Board members present: Simler, Gentile, Gasbarro, MacInnis, Whittemore, Aiello, Dauwalter and Foley. Absent: Norwell


General Discussions


  • News from Ambrose on Dock repair: Tony has been swapping messages with him. Hopeful that the work can be done prior to the winter.


  • Removal of small dock section – remove this weekend and store in the beach shed.


  • Parking lot plowing contractor – Bob M. planning to use the same contractor. This contractor doesn’t have sanding capability but has access to sanding. Lou is going to give alternative name for consideration to Bob M. for plowing and sanding.


  • Dock winter watch program contractor – plan is to have same contractor as last year.


Responsibilities and Duties revisions

See attached document, some minor changes in responsibilities.


Establish budget for fiscal year 2015 – Review Current Financials


Review August, 2014 – July, 2015 budget

No proposed change to the dock or mooring fees.


Planned improvements:

  • 4’x10’ aluminum dock planned (similar to the one we purchased this year)
  • DiPoli to level area at the bottom of the berm with sand
  • (2) new picnic tables
  • Swim line to be replaced
  • Bob M. to get estimate on overhauling the basketball court surface.


  • Lou met with road contractor earlier today.
    • Lower road repair needs significant repairs – high estimate: $7,000 – to be shared with waterfront group
    • Upper road had numerous washouts this past summer. Estimate: $1,200 repairs plus $1,200 for annual road work next Spring.
    • $150 for Spring street sweeping


Based on the review of the budget and expected favorable position, the board agreed that there is no need to change the Annual dues.


Motion to close the meeting made by Tony. Bob M. 2nd the motion. Meeting adjourned at 10:15am




West Point of Long Island Association Inc.

Board Meeting – August 2, 2014 – POST Annual Meeting

Meeting called to order at 11:10am
Board members present: Simler, Gentile, Gasbarro, MacInnis, Whittemore, Aiello, Dauwalter and Foley

Welcome new board member John Foley.

Assignment of Board roles and responsibilities
Sandy suggested that someone who is here year-round take responsibility for the roads, trash and keys. Idea to split docks and moorings to separate responsibility.

Sandy will take over the website responsibility and possibly add a Facebook page. John Foley will assume Joe’s other responsibilities. Bob M. taking responsibility for the Playground and toilets.

Agree to review roles and responsibilities at Labor Day Weekend meeting; Sunday, August 31st, 8:00am at Bob Simler’s house.

Bob S. – for any board members that are dealing with vendors, please make sure we use the proper approval and submission process.

Motion to close the meeting made by Sandy. Lou 2nd the motion. Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.



West Point of Long Island Association Inc.
Board Meeting – August 2, 2014 – PRE Annual Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:42am
Board members present: Simler, Gentile, Gasbarro, MacInnis, Whittemore, Aiello, Byrns, and Dauwalter

Review of Annual Meeting Agenda

– Welcome to all (identify Dixon & Passen Families) —- Bob S.
– Roll Call — Stephen G.
– Approval of the August 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes — Stephen G.
– Member recognitions — Bob S.
– 2014 Financial Report—Bruce Norwell & Dewey
– Docks and Moorings — Tony Gasbarro
– Communications — Stephen Gentile
– Beach & Tennis Court — Bob Macinnis
– Website, Dumpster, Keys, Mailboxes — Joe Byrns
– Boat Racks, Shed, Signs, Playground, Toilets — Sandy Aiello
– Roads, Culverts & Ditches — Lou Whittemore
– Board of Director Balloting — Stephen Gentile

Review of meeting documents prepared for the Annual Meeting.

Bob M. – Lakes Region Water communicated to us that the water supply is in much better shape that past years. Also, they will contact someone on the Board before they have to work on the pump (at the playground) and will pay more attention when putting the bouncy ride back.

Tony G. – Lem Eldridge asked about a reduced rate on his dock spot and to make it available to share with others. Board agreed that this would not be a good precedent to set and we should leave it as is.

Tony G. – waiting for a date from Ambrose Marine to get the (5) fingers fixed. Hopefully will be done in the next (2) weeks. $2,570 to be paid for by (16) dock users, which includes (2) cared for by the Association.

Tony G. – currently, we have no one interested in using a mooring. Tony will double check with waiting list.

Tony G. – Suggested that we purchase a 2nd 10’ dock to replace the long wooden dock that is currently not secured. Removed in the winter. Approx. cost: $2,000 for next year’s budget.

Bob M. – review of the beach work. Tennis court cleaning. Pointed out that we still need to do some repairs to the basketball court. Will be ordering (2) new picnic tables to replace (2) of the ones in poor condition.

Joe B. – Offered to continue working on the website after he leaves the board. Renewed trash contract. Has new keys available for the shed. All mailboxes are currently assigned.

Sandy A. – New shed and sign. Playground upgrades. Board agreed that due to safety concerns, trolley stands would not be installed on the playground. This item can be removed from our overall action list.

Lou W. – Lower road needs work. Will be looked at after the summer. Some culvert work to be done. Upper road damage due to the recent rains. Will be addressed. Bob S. suggested we consider ledge pack material for some portions of the road.

Bob S. – Review of finances –

Motion to close the meeting made by Tony. Sandy 2nd the motion. Meeting adjourned at 9:46am.



West Point BOD Meeting

July 4, 2014

8:00 AM/Beach

Meeting called to order at 8:04am
Board members present: Aiello, Simler, Byrns, MacInnis, Dauwalter, Gasbarro, Whittemore, and Gentile.

Review Current Financials—Bob S.

Current financial condition is excellent. Dock and mooring accounts in the plus. Two members with outstanding dues. Actual expenses in line with budgeted amounts. Positive net income.


Dock and Mooring– Tony G.

Dock repair: some fingers need to be repaired. Tony talking to Ambrose.


Changes with the moorings: Whittemore moved to dock. Ellis to #7, MacInnis to #8, Bracket to #9. Stephen to update Mooring List.


Changes with the docks: Hunter gave up dock. Whittemore moved to #8. Hunter owed $2,885.69


Small ramp dock to the left of the beach needs to be replaced. Bob S. suggested an aluminum dock that can be removed each winter. Tony will look into this.


Beach & Play Area– Sandy A. & Bob M.

Trolley stands to be constructed. Sandy taking care of this.


Tim O’Connor will be power washing the tennis court. Bob M. called Lakes Region Water to check on water charge. Will reimburse O’Connor for water.


Broken picnic table on the beach needs to be removed. No other tables needed this year.


Basketball court repair: Bob M. working with Bob DiPoli. Work will be scheduled for the fall.


Sandy installed new swings in the playground.


Mail Boxes– Joe B.

1 mailbox had a personal lock which had to be replaced with a proper lock.

Joe distributed keys for the new beach shed and had additional keys for members that still need them.


Signs—Sandy A.

New members being added to the sign.

Roads & Ditches—Lou W.


Lower road work completed. In the fall, additional work needs to be done; clean ditches and lowering culverts in some places.


If a homeowner needs a culvert replaced or repaired, let Lou know.  Past practices have been that the homeowner pays the cost of materials and the Association pays the labor.


Upper roads in great shape. Regular maintenance mode.


Lakes Region will repair the road they damaged putting water into new Dixon property. Needs to be re-graded.


Any BOD Member additional items.


Bob M. /Lou – Swim line needs replacing. Need 425 feet. Bob M. looking into it.


Stephen: Annual Meeting prep – Bob S. to send proposed agenda for Annual Meeting. Bob S. and Stephen to coordinate documents needed for the meeting.



Sandy motion to adjourn. Tony 2nd motion. Adjourned at 9:43am